Jumper Carter Sease Architects

Founded in 1929, JCS Architects is the longest ongoing architectural firm in the state of South Carolina.

With our strong history and commitment to design excellence, the firm is dedicated to serving our clients through open communication and collaboration, architectural innovation, and a passionate and unparalleled work ethic.

Grounded in the belief that our built environment possesses the ability to improve all aspects of our daily lives, JCS approaches each project with a holistic outlook on reconciling the challenges and opportunities inherent in the complexities of building. This includes thoughtful consideration into the needs of each site and its context, the vision and goals of our clients, down to the careful selection of each material.

Through the strong relationships we build with each of our clients, our work strives to produce lasting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. We are ever mindful that each decision we make has an effect on tomorrow; therefore, our work aims to solve the needs of not only today but to the lasting framework we leave future generations.